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  • A Glow In The Dark Party

    Posted on June 22, 2017 @ 4:10 pm

    Both my kids are grown up, so I never thought I would plan parties for children again. But then my daughter got married early and had twin daughters who will be turning 6 in a few days.

    She is now a single working mom that is why I give her all the help I can give in raising her two daughters.

    The girls originally wanted to go to the beach, so we planned for a beach getaway for just the family on their birthday weekend.

    But then, some friends and relatives called. They remembered the twins’ birthday, so to celebrate with them, we thought of having a small party at home on the eve of the weekend getaway.

    And since that will be tomorrow and we don’t have a lot of time to prepare, I’ve been looking online for some awesome party ideas that are easy to prepare and don’t need a lot of fuss. I know, you’re saying there is no enough time, but I won’t be cooking. I will have the party food delivered. Oh, the guests will miss my cooking, for sure, but I know the food will be great.

    I even ordered cold starters for the dinner party.

    We’ve asked the girls if they wanted a character themed party, but both agreed for a glow in the dark party.

    (photo not mine)

    Their mom will be swapping all our normal light bulbs out for black light ones. She will be adding glow sticks on the chandelier to make the party more colorful.

    (photo not mine)

    I’ve also seen a luminous lemonade recipe online and instructions on how to make glowing balloons.


    (photo not mine)

    We’re thinking of covering the floor with these balloons. This will get things glowing tomorrow night and we’re all very excited.

    This is the first time we’ve planned a party in a haste and I’m really thankful that you can easily have your dinner party food delivered. If not for this, I would be too stressed with all the preparations.

    Have you tried planning a party and you’re constrained of time?

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