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  • Parenting Tips for Tweens

    Posted on January 31, 2016 @ 10:20 pm

    Tween refers to a stage between childhood and adolescence, aged 9 to 12, no longer a little child but not quite a teenager.  A tween is not yet in the midst of adolescence, soon to face a variety of obstacles including school work, increasing responsibilities and exposure to dangerous behavior of peers and the environment.


    Tween can be a challenge to parents, mood swings from sweet and loving to tough and difficult.  Sometimes, parents get astonish with their ability to conceptualize and argue brilliantly.  However, it can be equated as a stage wherein anything and everything parents feed may result as the food of the brain.

    The biggest danger of tweens is losing the connection to parents while struggling to find their places and connect with their peer world.  On the other hand, parents’ biggest danger is trying to parent through power, instead of, through relationship, thus destroying the bond and losing the influence upon child’s entrance to teen years.

    Display of positive discipline is still the best strategy, setting strong relationship, clear limit, open communication and lots of empathy.  A great relationship is proven through disclosure and assurance of love and affection.  Dining together is a very simple gesture, but very effective.  More frequent tweens eat with the family perform better in school, the happier they say they are and the less likely to get involved with any harmful doings.  Imposition of clear limit is very important, but set it with a loving heart.  Enforce rules and acknowledge their views as well for them to feel being understood.  Communication serves as the bridge to what parents and teens want to discuss, convey and feel, for each other.  Lots of empathy assures their sense of belongingness.

    Tween parenting is tough, but rewarding!

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