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  • Moving Heavy Fixtures Easier with Mobile Parts

    Posted on March 2, 2016 @ 10:32 am

    Heavy furniture can be difficult to move without scratching the flooring. Even if you try to lift the furniture, you still risk scratching and scarring the carpeting or tile that lies underneath.


    When you want to make moving heavy fixtures easier, you may find it handy to invest in gear like furniture casters and other parts that allow you to roll or glide the fixtures across the floor. You spare the flooring from damage, and you also save yourself from overexerting yourself with the chore.

    Choosing the Right Parts

    Making the chore of moving furniture easier depends greatly on what kind of casters you buy. For example, if you want to move a heavy, bulky fixture like a grand piano or a large set of bookshelves, you may find it useful to buy double casters that are wide enough to hold the weight of the object being moved.

    If you are moving a sofa or a dining room table, you may find it easier to use casters that are streamlined in their design and dimension. They are capable of making sharp turns and also can hold the weight of the object that you want to move.

    If you plan on moving heavy fixtures across carpeting, you may choose casters that roll easily, and are made from smooth, yet durable materials. Metallic ball casters allow even the heaviest furniture to roll effortlessly across carpeting without gushing or tearing the flooring. They are also sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the fixtures that you are moving.

    Questions and Communicating

    People who are unfamiliar with casters may be unsure of which ones to choose and which ones would work best for their moving needs. If you have questions, you can have them answered by using one of the customer contact options found online.

    You could call the company that sells these parts directly. Someone from the company can offer advice and input about what casters may work best for you.

    You can also use the social media plugins found on the website to connect with the company. You may also find photo galleries and more that can help you make the best buying decision.

    Furniture can be heavy and challenging to move. You can make it easier by purchasing parts that will protect your flooring and also help the fixtures move easier without heavy lifting.

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    6 Responses to “Moving Heavy Fixtures Easier with Mobile Parts”

    1. I once used coasters and it made moving furniture so easy.

    2. Great post Esme. Very informative and good to know if I ever need to move furniture. Thanks for sharing 🙂
      Stephanie D’Laroy´s last blog post ..Leukaemia Foundation’s Worlds Greatest Shave 2016 | Hit 92.9FM Radio Station Interview

    3. This is great! I am moving at the end of the month and these will come in super handy for my heavy furniture!!!

    4. I am laughing because I remember moving furniture around at home and not being able to leave the house for couple days after that. I learnt my lesson to either ask for help or use something like this
      Mardene Carr´s last blog post ..Many Rivers

    5. We moved two apartments recently – mine and my daughter’s and really could have used this information! Thank you for sharing as many don’t understand the damage they could cause to themselves moving heavy stuff in the wrong way.
      Claudette Esterine´s last blog post ..Bittersweet: A Tasty Experience

    6. Wonderful tips. Have often used towels when moving heavy furniture in wood or ceramic floors. But I had not thought about casters for carpet. Thank yiu for sharing your tips 🙂
      Lori Labre´s last blog post ..3 Reasons Blogging might be for You?

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