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  • How Bullying Affects Children

    Posted on March 20, 2016 @ 6:20 pm

    Let us start with what bullying really means, it is an unwanted and aggressive behavior that involves a real power imbalance and may manifest in physical or verbal way, commonly occurs on school aged children in school setting.


    In this scenario, a number of participants are involved, the student who bully plays as the leader and initiator, the follower approves the act but does not initiate.  The supporter openly supports but does not join in.  The passive supporter likes the thought of bullying, but does not show signs of participation.  While, the disengaged onlooker neither participate nor get involved.  The possible defender dislikes bullying, however, does nothing, and finally, the defender hates such action and willing to help the person being bullied.

    Some people’s notion of bullying is part of growing up, but the truth is, several negative results may be experienced by the participants.  The leader has the tendency to get into frequent fights, may be hooked on alcohol, smoking and bad vices, may carry dangerous weapon, to be reported with poor school performance and grades, and, may have negative perceptions about school.  On the other hand, the person being bullied may develop depression, low self-esteem, insecurity, low grades, and poor health condition and might even entertain suicidal thoughts when suppressed.  Even the more observant, who witnessed may develop by having an unsafe environment and has the tendency to be fearful, powerless to act, or feeling guilty for not acting on the situation.  For the school wherein bullying normally materializes, may develop an environment of fear and a place not conducive for learning.

    Good moral values must be patiently taught to children, in order for them to have an early awareness between good and bad behavior.

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    One Response to “How Bullying Affects Children”

    1. It’s an important issue. I’ve noticed some adults who are bullies too.
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