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  • For a Cough

    Posted on August 28, 2014 @ 3:59 pm

    nasal drops

    It’s flu season once again and those allergies bring about postnasal drip, which results in a persistent nighttime cough. Our twin girls are suffering from it and both are having difficulties sleeping. But, instead of giving them an OTC (over the counter) medicine right away, their pediatrician suggested we use a saline nasal rinse. I let one child lie down or tilt her head and I place the saline bottle tip into one nostril. Then I squeeze the solution into her nostril until it drains to the opposite nostril. I let her daughter blow her nose before repeating on the other nostril. This trick really helps them sleep through the night without coughing. And me? I have more time to do my online work and even take a peek at the musician’s friend to look for a guitar for my son.

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