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  • Discover the Great Beauty and Culture of Historic Italy

    Posted on January 26, 2018 @ 9:42 am

    Italy has been known as a place for lovers. Everyone knows some of the romantic songs and art that this region was known for in ancient times. The cuisine experience on a guided tour of Italy will change how you view food from this time forward. Discover the charm of this country’s hillside villages. Stop for a tour of rolling hills and meandering paths located in rural Italy. Try your hand at pasta making yourself with help from experienced chefs. Take a moonlit ride on a canal, or stay in enjoying vintage wine with warm fresh cheese while lounging comfortably on your private balcony.

    While in Italy, be sure to tour the stunning museums that feature well known works of art by famous Italian artists like Michelangelo. Take an afternoon break sitting at a charming outdoor cafe sipping fancy coffees and nibbling on tasty treats. Tour the beautiful churches in Rome and other areas. Take time to visit The Leaning Tower of Pisa and explore ancient roman and Sicily ruins. These spots give the feeling of stepping backwards in time. Shop quaint Italian specialty shops and boutiques. Watch a prestigious chocolatier make luscious rich chocolate and sample a bite.

    See how Italians do pizza, or have dinner in a fine restaurant that offers large portions of wonderful Italian delicacies and handed-down family pasta dishes. Get on a sailboat and glide across the spectacular Adriatic, or drive leisurely along the gorgeous Amalfi Coast. Explore the Cinque Terre, and listen to tales of ancient Pompeii while standing at the historic site. Walk through Rome while an expert guide gives intriguing commentary. Spend the night in one of this city’s most luxurious hotels. Just taking in the coast needs a full day of exploration.

    Visit the famed Sistine Chapel, and learn about the tremendously artistic architecture seen in these historic buildings. Find out what the Vatican offers, and spend some contemplative quiet time amidst deeply spiritual persons. Be sure to browse the amazing Vatican museums. See the magical island of Capri that offers a fun chairlift ride up to a famed mountain peak. Take in the sensational sunsets that this coastal beach area boasts. Don’t forget to visit the ancient ruins of the Colosseum where fights with gladiators took place. Take a water journey in a gondola on intricately intertwining canals. See the glorious sites in the enchanting towns of Florence and Venice.

    Italy has so much to offer visitors. For convenience, book an Italian tour with one of several fantastic tour agencies like Kensington Tours. These excursions will have many exciting adventures. Choose from a number of incredible tours of Italy.

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