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  • Chef or Med Technologist?

    Posted on April 27, 2013 @ 12:00 am

    About a month ago, my son graduated from high school. He is still undecided whether to pursue a degree in Medical Technology or to become a chef. Both are okay with us and I’m sure, with his perseverance and dedication in whatever he does, he will excel.

    Although he is still undecided, I want him to prepare for both so come June (the start of classes here), we know where he will enroll. He already took the entrance exams at different schools in case he decides to pursue Med Tech. He passed the tests and interviews already.

    After checking several Culinary Schools at culinaryschools.com, I have found a good one that’s near our area. My son only learned how to make simple meals simply by watching me prepare them. He also loves to watch cooking shows so I guess that’s how his interest in cooking developed. Becoming a chef is expensive and I’m glad I found a school that my husband and I can afford. I too, wanted to become one but when I made inquiries a few years back, I almost fainted when I found out how much the tuition was.

    If you feel you can stand the heat and you have the passion to create extraordinary meals, you may want to pay culinaryschools.com a visit. In this website you can find lots of information about the top culinary schools. Plus, you’ll find news and articles about the trends in dining, top chefs, unusual culinary careers and more.

    My son was impressed when he saw the website but I told him not to make decisions yet. He still has more than a month to think so he can weigh his options well. I just told him that whatever he chooses, we’ll be just right behind him. At least I know that we are ready for both courses and that’s okay for now.

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