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  • Orange You Glad It’s Friday #44

    Posted on June 28, 2013 @ 12:05 am

    orange you glad 2

    Welcome to week 44 of Orange You Glad It’s Friday!

    The link opens Friday morning – 12:05 a.m. Manila/Singapore time or Thursday 12.00 p.m. EST and the old link will close Thursday (12 noon) of the following week.

    korea 6

    This meme does not have too many rules and it’s open to everyone. Post a picture that you have taken or piece of art you have created (or have permission to use) with a little or a lot of orange, share your link below, visit others and comment on their orange takes, leave a comment here if you wish. Please note these links are STRICTLY for Orange You Glad It’s Friday participants only. All others will be deleted.

    To add the badge, just copy and paste the HTML code from the left sidebar! Thank you and I hope you would still continue to support this fun meme in its new home.

    Do you see a great photo on another site that has a little or a lot of orange? Suggest they stop by and submit it here!

    Each week, I will also feature a favorite submission from the previous week with a link to the participants blog. For last week’s favorite photo, I have chosen Birgitta’s unique fruit. Hope you’d drop by and visit her blog.


    birgitta 2

    Physalis is the name of this fruit. The size of the fruit is about
    1 cm = 0.4 inches and the basket is about 10 cm = 3.9 inches.

    DON’T FORGET — Be sure to include an Orange You Glad It’s Friday Badge or link back to this blog in your post. To add a badge, just copy and paste the HTML code from the left side bar! Links of those who didn’t link back to this meme or blog will be deleted. Sorry but that’s just the way it is.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Also linked up with Bi Ti’s Ready to Waltz. Click on the links to join the party.

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    Posted on @ 12:00 am

    Emergency plumbing services have been offered by ClearView to Calgary residents since 1996. Some of the more essential services they provide are hot water tank installation, replacement and repair to the residents especially now that Calgary was recently inundated by flood waters. Needless to say, quite a number of hot water tanks Calgary based will be needing attention from the most efficient plumbers to get them working properly again if they are at all repairable or if they will need to be repaired. If you are in the area, there is no need to fret much if you need your tanks to be checked. ClearView is here ready to sit down with you and discuss your hot water needs. Whether your hot water tank needs repair or replacement, they can help out with the most professional service and at the most economical prices around.

    Likewise, your sewers might need some cleaning after those awful floods. It is best to have them checked now before you end up with a huge mess on your hands. Prompt and efficient sewer cleaning Calgary based services are what ClearView can offer among their multifarious plumbing services. They offer a host of other sewer-related services such as sewer repair, cleaning, replacement and rooter services. They will promptly be at your doorstep when you call them for help and diagnose the problem quickly and solve it in the quickest possible time. At ClearView, all your plumbing needs are serviced professionally, promptly and always at the most competitive prices.

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    Are Loans for People with Bad Credit Real?

    Posted on @ 12:00 am


    Having bad credit is a hindrance in the world of finances. So much seems to ride on good credit, such as loans, investments, and even receiving jobs. The truth is, there are methods for those who have bad credit to continue to thrive financially. It is harder to navigate the world of finance and money with a poor credit rating, however, it is doable. Arm yourself with some knowledge about loans and assets when you are looking for bad credit financial products.

    Understanding Your Rating

    Before you can learn what loans and products you are eligible for, you must first know your credit score. It is imperative to pull your credit report from all three credit bureaus, at least one time each year. Your credit report will give you the information that you need to know about your financial history and current situation. If there are errors on your report that are reporting negatively, you have the right to dispute the information. Disputing the information can have the bad information removed from your report as soon as the next month. Along with your cr3edit report, pull your credit score at least once each year. Your score is best pulled immediately before you plan to apply for a credit product. This way, there will be no surprises when visiting the lending institution and you will know exactly what to expect.

    Consider Payday Loans

    Payday loans are short term loans that are based solely on income and ability to repay. Payday loans do not take your credit into account, or even look at credit scores and credit reports. It is easy to qualify when you get payday loans online. Payday loans are a good method to use for short term loans. Payday loan lenders can work with a variety of individuals that financial institutions will say no to. Payday loans can also have flexible terms that meet your needs, whereas banks must operate through a specific set of standards and rules when doling out loans. Payday loans are a good method for financial help for those with bad credit.

    Making your Finances Work for You

    Loans for people with bad credit are a real product. This product can also help to clear up bad credit and build a better financial future. The saying, time heals all wounds also applies to credit and credit ratings. If you need short term help paying bills on time, a payday loan can help you pay the bill. Paying the bill online also means helping your credit rating by keeping the account in good standing. A large number of accounts in good standing will help to balance out and stop the harm of older accounts with late payments or accounts that have charged off. Using payday loans as a tool to allow you to pay bills on time or even as a loan to help pay off old debts can help your credit score skyrocket. There are methods to building good credit and lending while you have bad credit as long as you are open to different techniques.

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    Supercharged Chicken Soup on Sick Days

    Posted on June 27, 2013 @ 5:27 pm


    A bowl of hot chicken soup is what we usually serve to our kids during sick days to comfort them and to help break chest congestion. The soup is proven to blunt inflammatory cells that cause ingestion to form. Plus, inhaling the soup’s warm vapors helps open airways  to ease breathing. To make it more effective, try adding lots of chopped garlic and onions. Both have antiviral and antibacterial properties. No time to cook? Used the canned soup, saute it with lots of garlic and onions and you’re done.

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    Three Tips For Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

    Posted on @ 4:51 pm

    Recent polls suggest adults pass on their dental fears to children. This doesn’t signify great things for dental hygiene. Fortunately, pediatric dentists provide a safe bridge to the adult world of dental care.

    If you’ve ever considered finding a local pediatric dentist in Wichita for your children, consider these three things when comparing dentists. These barometers of professionalism and trust will help you find a dentist qualified to care for your little ones.

    1. What Training Does He/She Have?

    In addition to traditional dentistry training, a pediatric dentist has two years of residency training for babies, children, and teens with special needs. They will most likely be registered through the AAPD.

    If this isn’t enough for you, ask about pediatric dentists in medical centers and dental schools. You can also consult friends and family or your local pediatrician. If all else fails, check out websites and magazines.

    2. What Services Are Provided?

    Once you’ve made a shortlist of qualified pediatric dentists, assess your candidates based on the services they provide. Generally, most pediatric dentists offer oral exams, repair tooth cavities, and offer preventative dental care such as cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatments.

    Additional services to look for include treatment of common children’s dental habits, including thumb sucking, pacifier use, and teeth grinding. This is especially important if your child suffers from these conditions.

    3. What Is the Atmosphere Like?

    Because the dentist can be a scary place, it’s important to find an office that caters to children. Visit the offices of potential pediatric dentists and assess staff friendliness and availability, dental instrument size, positivity in the atmosphere, and toys in the waiting room.

    If possible, ask the pediatric dentist how he or she responds to frightened or crying children. Also ask how the dentist communicates with children about potentially scary or painful procedures.

    Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

    If you appropriately address these concerns, you should have no difficulty finding a qualified pediatric dentist in Wichita. Hopefully, this dentist will serve your needs and your children’s needs for several years to come.

    If you do find a dentist you’re happy with, be sure to leave positive reviews online to help others in your current situation make a decision.

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    Making Decisions About Law School

    Posted on @ 4:45 pm

    Choosing the right Boston law school will take time and research, so it’s important to plan ahead. The highest ranked school or the most expensive one may not be the best choice for every individual. Potential law school candidates should thoroughly consider all the options and details before making a final decision. Enrolling in any law program is a big commitment and a rigorous endeavor, so it should be taken seriously. In order to have a successful experience and proper preparation for a career, it’s essential to choose the right law school and law program.

    Multiple Decisions

    Deciding to attend law school is a big, life-altering decision that leads to many other important decisions. For example, after deciding to get a law degree, an individual must decide which program they will participate in and what school they will attend. This decision will take time because there is so much involved in the decision making process. Each school and each program will have various pros and cons and minor differences. Many students will find that the minor differences make a huge difference in the final decision. Because every individual has different personality preferences and career goals, it’s important to assess each detail on a personal level and make an individualized decision.

    Program and Emphasis Options

    Enrolling in law school is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many different types of programs and various law emphases available. Real estate, environmental, and family law, are just a few of the multiple concentrations available to study. Deciding on the right one will take some time and research. Additionally, choosing which school to attend will also take time. Various programs are offered at each establishment, making the options endless. For example, some schools offer intense three-year programs, while others offer part-time or online courses. The best program and course of study depends upon the individual student. Doing research is an important part of the decision making process. Finding the best Boston law school will not be easy because there is so much to consider and many details to understand. Most students find this effort to be minimal compared to the benefits of a great experience and a law degree.

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    26 years ago today

    Posted on @ 4:33 pm

    wedding pic

    Can’t believe we’ve been married that long already. It seems like only yesterday when we exchanged our vows and promised to love and cherish one another. Our kids have grown and we have two adorable twin granddaughters to boot; glad that after all those years, we’re still so much in love with each other. I Love You sweetheart and I’m looking forward to more years together.

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    The Ins and Outs of Rhinoplasty

    Posted on @ 4:32 pm

    Your nose is right smack dab in the center of your face. So, if you hate the shape of your schnoz, there’s not a lot you can do to hide it from people. Maybe it’s too wide. Maybe it projects too far out. Perhaps it’s crooked or features a small bump. Whatever the case may be, it’s making you feel self-conscious and shy when you absolutely shouldn’t be. It’s time to take action. If you want a new nose, it’s time to visit with a physician capable of performing plastic surgery – in specific, a rhinoplasty.

    What is Rhinoplasty?

    A rhinoplasty is the technical term for a nose job. The word is derived from two Greek terms: “rhis”, meaning “nose”; and “plassein”, meaning “to shape”. Literally, a rhinoplasty is a re-shaping of the nose’s original bone and cartilage structures. This procedure can be performed on a patient who is under sedation or even on one who is given a simple local anesthetic. First, the nasal area must be anesthetized with a mixture of epinephrine and lidocaine. This mixture will both numb the site of the surgery and temporarily reduce vascularity, thereby reducing the flow of blood from the nose. After the patient is prepped, the surgeon will separate the nose’s soft tissue from the osseo-catrilagenous structure and reshapes both, according to the patient’s wishes. On occasion this requires either a removal of bone and cartilage or a graft made from the same materials in order to bolster the nose’s new structures. Once everything is sutured shut, the surgeon will place an internal or an external stent in order to maintain the nose’s new shape as it heals.

    Done in a Day

    Getting a new shape for your schnoz is a life-altering experience for many people. Many patients who have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure feel as though the day of their surgery is the first day as a newer, more confident self. However, for all of the positive changes that a rhinoplasty will bestow upon your life, the procedure itself typically only takes one to three hours! In less time than it would take to see a movie in the theater, you’ll have the nose you’ve always wanted. Of course, you’ll need to wear a cast for about a week after the surgery. Still, considering the nature of what a rhinoplasty is, a three-hour surgery and a week’s recovery time is not a long time at all. If you’ve always hated your nose and want to make a change, consult with a doctor who can perform plastic surgery today.

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    Breast Augmentation: A Common Cosmetic Surgery

    Posted on @ 4:27 pm

    Today men and women can have cosmetic surgery on almost any area of their bodies. Cosmetic procedures include, but are not limited to, breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, chin implants, cheek implants, neck lift, face-lift, buttocks implants, and eyebrow lifts. While there are a variety of changes you can have made to your appearance, one of the most common among women is breast augmentation. The following is a summary of the breast augmentation process.

    First Appointment

    You will have an initial consult at your doctor’s office, but you will most likely meet with an assistant who is there to educate you as well as make you feel comfortable and answer all your questions. The assistant will ask for information on why you wish to have the procedure done, as well as questions about your health (now and previously), medications, and your family’s medical history. Once you have the information you want and have answered their questions, the assistant will probably take pictures of your chest, so the doctor will be able to use them as reference in surgery and to show you the difference afterwards. You will also meet your doctor who will give you a breast exam and talk about various options for implants and sizing. You will then make an appointment for surgery.

    Before Surgery

    The doctor’s assistant will prepare you for your big day. They will explain everything you should do before your surgery and how long to abstain from food and drink beforehand. At the surgery center, you will have your blood pressure and heart rates monitored and receive an IV to prepare you for anesthesia. You will then become unconscious for the entire procedure.


    First an incision is made in the designated area. Next a sac is place either under the pectoral muscle or on top of it, depending on what you decided with your doctor. Next they will fill it with a salt-water solution or silicone gel. Next they will sew you up and then you will be brought out of the anesthesia.

    After Surgery

    Enjoy your new look that modern cosmetic surgery made possible!

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    Smile File: This one is just too cute!

    Posted on @ 4:22 pm


    Happy Thursday everyone!

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