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  • How Gluten Affects Your Diet

    Posted on January 30, 2013 @ 2:40 pm

    chicken sandwich

    Chicken breast, lettuce and tomato on wheat bread.  How about turkey and blue cheese on a rye bread?  The foods I mentioned not only sound delicious but they are healthy too, right?  Well, maybe. Research shows that a diet like that can still make you fat.  How is that?  Experts say, weight gain and the feeling of sluggishness can blamed on the substance hiding in wheat and other grains: gluten.

    Steering clear of gluten is now becoming a big business.  If you check the aisles for healthy food options, you’ll see a lot of gluten-free products available now.  Even the supermarket and grocery shelves are full of Gluten Free Bread, soups, drinks, condiments (ketchup, soy sauce, etc.) and even desserts.  You’ll be surprised to find a Gluten Free Chocolate Cake if you love sweets so much.

    If you have been working out and cutting back on food and you’re not seeing results, it could be because of gluten.  I won’t recommend going gluten-free all the way though because it will totally disrupt your diet.  If you really want to steer clear of gluten, I suggest you do it slowly.  It will also be best to go and ask your doc or dietician if a gluten-free diet is for you.

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    Black Forest Cake

    Posted on January 29, 2013 @ 12:30 am

    My entry for:

    black forest cake

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    Choosing to Live Like it Matters for Our Families

    Posted on January 28, 2013 @ 3:18 pm

    We live in a crazy world where technology seems to have taken over our lives more than people and community does. We are citizens of the world but we lack daily contact with people, choosing to socialize anonymously through social media sites such as facebook and twitter. We are hampered by frivolities that do not really matter and which makes us less involved in things that really matter to the global community to which we all belong.

    As a mother and a blogger who aims to make life better for my family and people in general, I am constantly in search of better ways to live life alternatively. In my search, I came across the deliberateLIFE magazine, one that is exclusively available on the iPad Newsstand that aims to inspire individuals to join a growing community of people who choose to live well and make deliberate choices. The magazine is based on the concept that living well and doing good go hand-in-hand, in paying it forward by giving and sharing their stories rather than opening their wallets. The people behind the project believe that building a better tomorrow starts with building a global community that works together, shares, and supports local artisans and businesses that espouse their shared values.


    This growing community, sharing their experiences and their stories through the magazine, believes that earth matters, community matters, people matter. These are advocacies which I strive to teach my children, and now my grandchildren, to stand by and live by every day. They believe in attaining a sustainable ecosystem by “simplifying, recycling and innovating” in order to reach these goals. I, too, teach my children that taking the public transport is a way of taking care of the environment; that riding a bike is not just a good form of exercise but also a deliberate choice that helps reduce pollution in our cities. I believe in green toys and I encourage my children to give their own children toys that are not harmful to the environment. I deliberately choose to buy organic foods to feed my family and support local farmers who do not use chemical fertilizers for their crops. I make deliberate choices because I believe there is a better way to live life.

    Just click on the link to download the free app on your iPad.

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    How to Get a Refund from Mylife.com

    Posted on @ 3:17 pm

    The brainchild of who met his wife during a high school reunion, MyLife.com is a social networking site which allows users to search for people in one’s past such as former classmates, old neighbors, family and past lovers. The idea of finding people in your past and reconnecting with them is pretty enticing and it is easy to understand why individuals would subscribe to such a site. Particularly enticing is the idea that there are people who are searching for you, that the website clearly promotes by providing a link on its homepage aptly titled “See Who’s Searching for You.” This idea is one of the major reasons why individuals are enticed to subscribe to the services provided by the website.

    There comes a time, however, when a member wants to unsubscribe. To do this effectively, one must call the customer service line of the web site and request that their subscription be ended. The call must be done before their initial anniversary date of sign-on to the membership website. If the member happens to be paying for the subscription through Paypal, he also needs to call Paypal directly to have the automatic payments cancelled. This step is required because all member subscriptions are set on auto-pay so PayPal must be told in advance to ensure that the membership is cancelled. The MyLife.com Refund cannot be processed if these conditions are not met. Thus, the subscriber must be very careful when he ends his subscription and must diligently perform the steps of cancellation to be eligible for a refund.

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    Posted on January 25, 2013 @ 12:39 am


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    The Best LARP Weapons at Knighthawk Armoury

    Posted on @ 12:05 am

    An increasingly large number of individuals are becoming addicted to live action role-playing games (larp). These games require that participants act out their characters in full and realistic costumes while they interact with each other in character. LARPs began in the 70s and spread internationally in the 80s. The game has thus diversified in a variety of styles. The genres used also vary greatly from historical settings to futuristic eras. Some games are played in elaborate venues and costumes. The games can range in size from private gatherings to public events involving thousands of players. They can last from several hours to several days depending on the number of participants. Thus, costumes and larp weapons have become increasingly in demand this past decade or so.

    Recognizing the demand for these costumes and larp weapons, hundreds of websites have sprung up to offer these items for larp enthusiasts. One such online store is the Knighthawk Armoury which specializes specifically in larp weapons in latex larp weapons that are safe to use, lightweight and highly durable. They offer a wide variety of weapons for larp enthusiasts to choose from. Some of the categories listed in their inventory include weapons from brands such as Calimacil, Iron Fortress by Epic Armoury, Eagle Flex, foam weapons from Eagle Flex, action props by Artyfakes, Urban and Steampunk, plus they also offer customized weapons made specially in accordance to your specifications.

    Their inventory offer a wide array of weapons and accessories to satisfy all larp players needs. These include larp swords, daggers, axes, staffs, spears, maces, hammers and specialty shields. These all come in a variety of styles, sizes and genres that larp players can choose from. These weapons and accessories include such genres such as medieval larp swords and weapons to futuristic weapons to fight off zombies. All their products are safe and have passed the strictest safety standards of international organizations.

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    How to get the best medicine feeders for baby online

    Posted on @ 12:00 am

    When an infant gets sick it becomes very hard to give them medicine. However, now it has become very easy to do that because of the latest technology of medicine feeders for baby. These feeders are available across different stores and chemists. All you have to do is ask fort it and then you buy it. However, the problem comes when one wants to buy this item online. Most people do not know how and the process of buying these item online even when they need them. This in turn forces them to buy these items offline.

    However, if you wish to buy medicine feeders for baby online, then this article is for you. Below are steps by step of buying these items online. However, to avoid being cheated online, you should keep two points hand in hand wen you visit any website.

    1.       Do not buy any item online if it is not from a trusted website: you should make some research and identify the websites that are trusted, for this to be possible, research about the history of a certain website and the number of people who have purchased an item there.

    2.        Make sure you read the comment of satisfied customers: the second thing that you should do is to read on the comments that customers leave there; may it be satisfied customers or others.

    Steps by step for buying baby’s medicine feeders

    Below are the steps that can help you ion purchasing an item online? You can also use the steps below to buy breast pumps online in Australia.

    1.       Research

    The first step that you should follow is to research for the medicine feeders for baby. For example, if you want to buy medicine feeder for baby, then you should type that on your browser’s search option. There you will get many different websites. Others are for providing information about a certain product and others are stores. Collect the required web store by opening them on a separate tab.

    2.       Compare prices:

    The next thing should be comparing the prices. As you probably know, different websites offer different deals or prices. This would be good for you if you are looking to save some money in the process. However, make sure that you read the product information to try to know why they are offering the same item at a different price.

    3.       Request making the purchase

    After you have identified the website that you want to make your purchase from, click on the word “buy”.

    4.       Fill out the form

    The next option is to fill out the form that you will be provided for. This form will later be send to you as a receipt or any other document. Remember, you are buying an item online; therefore, you should fill out the required information correctly for the item to get back to you.

    5.       Identify your mode of payment

    The last option is to make the payment fort the product. There are many ways to pay for the product. You can use you visa or muster card. Moreover, you can use services like Moneybookers and PayPal to pay for the item. After that, wait for your medicine feeders for baby.

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    Pretty Hibiscus

    Posted on January 23, 2013 @ 12:30 am

    My entry for:


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    Getting Tired of Down Times

    Posted on @ 12:00 am

    For the first time in 5 years, my websites have been experiencing a lot of down times. My webhost used to be very efficient and fast. Sure, there were down times before but they would only last for a few minutes and the sites are up again. It’s been different in the last 6 months. Aside from experiencing a lot of down times, my webhost service had become very slow. There were times that I even experienced waiting for hours just so my page would load. No, it wasn’t a slow connection because all the other pages I opened loaded in seconds.

    My friends and I have compared notes because we are all using the same webhost. They too, have experienced what I have experiencing. We tried contacting support but all we got was an assurance that they are doing everything to give us better service. I think 6 months are already long enough. All of us are considering switching to a better and Cheap Hosting Service. I’ve been reading reviews and AvaHost seems to be the most practical among all the other webhosts I’ve seen. $2.77 monthy is way too low than what I’m paying my present webhost. I’ll just finish my contract with the one I’m using now then switch to this cheap hosting service.

    *** This is a sponsored post.

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    Your Way to Healthy Living

    Posted on January 22, 2013 @ 12:00 am

    As parents, we naturally aim for providing our kids with clean, healthy and comfortable living environment. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try to protect them from getting sick, we can’t help it because of some reasons that’s beyond our control. Pollutants such as dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, pet dander, and mold are the most common factors why we and our children get sick. Notice how they keep on sneezing especially after waking up? That’s because allergens are in the air.  Research shows that you could get almost half a year in increased life expectancy on average just from cleaning up your air ducts.

    Children can easily catch cold even in our own homes. It’s hard to eliminate these pollutants but we should at least do something to lessen them. R. J. Wiley is a company committed to bring us healthy living options.  Duct cleaning hamilton and heating hamilton are just a few of most efficient and technologically advanced services they offer. You can even check their reviews so you’ll know how quick they work and how efficient these guys are.

    Don’t wait til someone gets sick because of pollutants and allergens, give your ducts a quick once-over so you and your family can enjoy cleaner air at home.

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