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  • RT|WW – Bear Hug!

    Posted on March 31, 2010 @ 3:30 pm

    My entry for:

    Wordless Wednesday

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    Photo Souvenirs

    Posted on @ 2:22 pm

    Last Christmas, I received tons of photocards from my relatives abroad.  I even got a few from blogger friends.  My niece is graduating from grade school next week and we’re thinking of sending some photo cards to friends and relatives.  It’s going to be a great souvenir for her classmates and close friends too.  I asked her mom to choose a photo so we can start with it right away.  I’m glad my daughter is now on her school vacation, she’d be a lot of help if we’re to make plenty of those photocards.

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    Good Catch, Good Eat

    Posted on March 30, 2010 @ 12:00 am

    To some it may sound boring but I do enjoy fishing, though I’ve done it only a few times and could not consider it a hobby.  If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you do.  I don’t even mind sitting on the boat for some time waiting for a catch.  It’s a great way to relieve stress.  I’ve caught a few small ones and I cannot describe the joy the first time my line got crazy.  I got too excited and pulled really hard only find out my fish was smaller than my palm. Haha.

    I’m sure it’s gonna be more fun to go for the real thing.  If I could only afford it, I’d bring the whole family to Florida and try Charter Fishing Destin.  That would be so thrilling and cool.  If you know what I’m talking about … hold a real fishing equipment, have the appropriate gear and go Cobia fishing!  And yes, they’re the big ones.  Big as in twenty to forty pounds, or even more.

    I have never experienced game fishing and I would love to give it a try some day.  I’m sure I would get so high if I’d be able to catch a real big fish and have my photo taken with it just like the professionals.  🙂  And I’m sure my kids would love to experience it as well.

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    Cool Vertical Doors

    Posted on March 29, 2010 @ 2:05 am

    Like his dad, my son admires cool cars.  They are great F1 fans and surfing the web searching for cool sports cars is their favorite bonding time.  They even collect car magazines and they love visiting car shows.  The last time they went to a car show, the young man can’t stop talking about this car he saw with Lambo doors.

    He thinks vertical doors are so cool and asked me if we could have it on our car, haha.  Well, it is really cool but I told him it won’t look so cool on ours.  A bit chagrined and not giving up he said, “Hmm, someday when I get my own car, I want those doors.”

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    Play Football Anywhere

    Posted on March 26, 2010 @ 1:36 am

    If you’re looking to buy football kits and equipment for your kids, then this site is for you. These kits are great for kids who love to play and would want to improve on their game. They offer football equipment that are perfect for backyard practice, tryouts, small-sided games and even for real games.  The site has a wide inventory of items to choose from: footballs, mini football goals, football jerseys, shorts, socks, goalkeeper jerseys, goals and goal nets, gloves, coaching aids, first aid kits and equipment and many more.

    These goals and nets are can be carried anywhere and are guaranteed safe for children to set up and take down.  They are lightweight and adjustable, portable, and easy to carry. It can be disassembled in a flash for easy toting and assembly to any field. They are perfect for practicing.  Grownups and kids can even plan a backyard tournament during weekends. And because they are lightweight, the goals and nets can fit into your car or van.  It’s great to bring on picnics, outings or even on your out of town trips.

    Visit the site now and place your orders, I’m sure your football fanatics can’t wait to try it out.

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    He Needs To Focus More

    Posted on @ 1:35 am

    To many of us, summer means vacation, swimming, trips to the beach, picnics and out of town trips.  But not for us.  🙁  My son has to take math summer classes.  Math really is his nemesis.  I can’t say we took it for granted because I have been constantly monitoring his math homeworks and lessons.

    When I talked to his teacher last week, he told me that my son’s focus seems to be the problem.  Most of the time he lacks concentration, if he’s asked to solve calculus or algebra problems on the board, he can do the task.  It’s the same at home when I’m helping him with his homework.  It’s during exams that he can’t seem to concentrate and remember the formulas.

    I’m seriously considering getting a tutor but hubs found this free math tutoring online.  He thinks it’s better than hiring a private tutor because he can relax more.  It’s tiring enough to handle a whole day of school and then he still has to go to his tutor before he can come home.  The free math tutoring can be done at home and won’t add more pressure to his already tight school schedule.

    He likes the idea because when I talked to him about it he immediately said yes unlike when I told him about getting a private tutor, his shoulders dropped and gave out a long sigh.

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    RT|WW – Euphorbia

    Posted on March 23, 2010 @ 12:31 am

    My entry for:

    Wordless Wednesday

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    Sleep My Darling Doggie

    Posted on @ 12:30 am

    Are you having a hard time getting your four legged pets to sleep on their new pet beds? To get him out of your bed or sofa, the trick is to put the new pet bed in your hamper ( if it’s small) for several days.   If it doesn’t fit in the hamper, you may put your worn clothes on top of the new bed.  Again, leave it there for a few days.  The new bed will smell like your worn clothes after a few days.  Your pet is usually attracted to your smell so he’s more likely to sleep on it.

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    Don’t Share Buds

    Posted on March 21, 2010 @ 1:50 am

    Kids love to share everything with their friends and that includes ear buds.  You know, those tiny little head phones widely used with iPods and MP3 players?  These headphones are loaded with infection-causing bacteria, so when they share, the bacteria is passed on as well.  To keep infections at bay, tell your kids to keep their buds to themselves and clean them at least once a week with a disinfectant wipe.

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    Plagiarism is a crime!

    Posted on @ 1:40 am

    They say imitation is the best form of flattery.  Indeed it is, but not when it comes to plagiarism.  You did your own research, poured out your thoughts and worked hard to write your articles, then someone would just take all those away from you and mindlessly post your well-written articles on their websites.  That is so unfair!

    I’ve read a lot of articles from other bloggers complaining about how their work was copied.  One of them is good friend of mine.  Her paid posts were blatantly copied by another blogger.  Apparently the plagiarist did it to earn more.  The faster she submits her paid post articles, the more opportunities she can grab, and the easiest way for her to do it is to simply copy from other bloggers.  She was caught after my friend complained from the ad network and was removed from the system.  It’s a shame to earn money from another blogger’s expense.

    This person may have been removed from the ad network’s system but there are others out there.  So what do you do to keep your work protected? Get your Free Plagiarism Checking Tool.  It’s an excellent tool for bloggers and other professionals to check if any of their articles were copied or have any similarities with any other pages on the web.  As I’ve said, it’s FREE and it’s easy to use.  You simply have to type ***< Your Document> in the site’s search box and the result will show you the links to other web pages, if it’s exactly the same or contains similar text as your original article.

    Help stop plagiarism, use the free plagiarism checking tool and protect your articles.

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